Production mode introduction

The rubber hardness of Fushun products meets the specifications required by the vehicle type, and also provides excellent shock resistance, aging resistance, stable performance and longevity. High-end process to ensure the best blend of rubber and metal. In addition, Fushun products will undergo a series of tests, such as ~ impact test, rotary torque test, salt spray test, rocking angle test, product life test, tensile test, etc., to ensure that the product meets the original test specifications, let use In order to improve the anti-rust ability of the product, you can use different surface anti-rust treatments in order to improve the anti-rust ability of the product. Such as: electric, manganese phosphate treatment, electroplating, anodizing treatment, etc., in order to achieve better anti-rust effect. If new products need to be developed, Foxit also has a research and development department that can develop new products to meet a series of procurement needs of customers.